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How do we employ our essay writers?

Essay writers are the most important assets of our company. As such, we use a very rigorous process to get them on board. First of all, they must be holders of postgraduate qualifications in the subjects they want to handle. Additionally, they must have some professional qualifications and some level of experience in those areas.

Once a person is interested in working with us, he is she is required to create a writers account. The aspiring writer then gives us his or her personal information and uploads his resume, professional and academic certificates. We go through them to ascertain their genuineness. Those who pass this stage, are required to do an online test to test their research and critical thinking skills. The test takes 50 minutes.

It is a rigorous exercise which tests the various aspects of grammar and logic hence may people find it difficult to pass. We only enrol those who score over 96% in this test. Our customer care team calls the qualified writers to confirm their details. From there they can start working with us.

Are our essay writers qualified?

We are a leading global company in the area of academic assistance. Many people know us and continuously enjoy our services. The main reason for attracting such a huge clientele base is due to the qualifications held by our writers.

All our writers are holders of postgraduate degrees from the leading universities across the world. That is not enough, a majority of them teach in these institutions of higher learning. Others are practising professionals in law, banking, teaching, journalism, and engineering among others.

As such, they know exactly what is needed for you to score the best grade. Our company ensures that they undergo continuous training to sharpen their skills and serve you better.

Why are our essay writers the best?

Our essay writers are native English speakers

We hire Native English Speakers to handle all your orders. These writers are well versed in the various aspects of the language such as grammar, tenses, spelling, sentence structures, and vocabulary among others.

On top of that, they must have all the necessary academic and professional qualifications for us to start working with them. They must demonstrate adequate capacity in research and extensive knowledge in their areas of expertise. You will have your work done by professionals who have a good mastery of the English language.

Our essay writers hold Ph.D., Masters, and Bachelor degrees in various disciplines.

Our company is a place of experts. It is the best platform where you are guaranteed of your academic excellence. This is achieved by hiring the best brains in the world. We take pride in being the only firm which hires holders of postgraduate degrees to handle our orders.

Our essay writers hold Ph.D., Masters, and Bachelor degrees in various disciplines. The few who hold bachelor’s degree are currently pursuing their postgraduate studies and can only handle orders of high school level. When your paper is handled by such academic giants, you are assured of your success.

Our essay writers have lots of experience

In the field of academic writing, the experience is a key determinant of success. As such, we boast of having a team of experienced writers. Most of our writers have done a commendable job for over 10 years.

Moreover, before starting working with us, they had taught in the various universities across the world. Some of them are practising authors and journalists with many media stations globally. When they combine such expertise with their academic qualifications, they deliver the best job you can ever imagine of. Enrol today and start working with experienced professionals.

Our essay writers are trained by the best

We believe in nurturing our writers. Once we enrol their services, we embark on a training exercise to ensure that they are up to date with the various dynamics of the writing industry. The training is done by our team of experts who are very experienced and knowledgeable in all aspects of academic writing.

Our trainers will give the writers all the tips on how to do the best research, use credible evidence, sentence structures and the various writing styles among others. As such, our writers become better and better as they continue working with us.

Our writers write everything from scratch hence all content is original and plagiarism free

We believe in originality and creativity. That is the spirit of this great company. Once you order an essay with us, our writers will do thorough research on how to go about it. They incorporate the knowledge they get from the various materials with their personal experience and do a detailed job.

In case they rely on other experts work, they properly cite the sources using the correct format. They do not plagiarize. All the content they will write in your essay is original and has never been published elsewhere before.

Our essay writers have excellent research writing skills

Excellence is our other name. We only hire professionals with experience in doing proper research work. Once they handle your paper, they will incorporate some facts which you cannot find anywhere. They deal with raw data which they collect from the various credible sources.

Since most of them are lecturers and authors with the various universities and media houses, they have perfected the art of research. They know what will excite your lecturer. That is exactly what they will research and incorporate into your essay paper. The ideas are put in a professional language which will leave your lecturer convinced.

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